Present during the first stage of the Cupra Padel Tour 2024 in Bordeaux, Arnaud Rodriguez sales promoter New Aquitaine at Head gives us his feelings.

A refocusing at Head

“It’s a very beautiful day today, for this first stage of the Cupra Padel Round. This is the first year that we are a partner of this tour, in previous years we had the internal Head Padel Open which stopped this year precisely because we wanted to refocus on other circuits, on other players and other events. It’s a pleasure for us to partner with a brand like Cupra.”

Commercial benefits

“I had a good feeling about the testing product, we managed to reach quite a few players of all levels. It was a very good day and I think there will be commercial benefits behind it with purchases of rackets and shoes so that is good news for us.”

"On the padel, the objective at Head it is to remain attentive and to remain present in this sport which is still developing enormously, to support our partners whether clubs or brands and to continue to organize events, whether by doing it ourselves or by associating ourselves with circuits like the Cupra Padel Tower."

Collaboration Head / Cupra

“We are only at the first stage, but I think it is a great association of two big brands recognized on the padel today and it can make for some great stages with a great final phase in Toulouse, so I can't wait to see that and see what it will be like in the coming years.”

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