The young Spanish player from Head, Arturo Coello has won this weekend in Miami the very first Open of his career on the World Padel Tour. In addition to winning in an incredible setting in Florida, the Valladolid native also broke a record, that of the youngest player to win a tournament of this caliber.

The one sponsored by Head returned on this journey which has only just begun:

“I still can't believe it, I'm very very happy to get my first title as a professional and even more to do it with you Fernando Belasteguin, it's a dream to play with you. 

DAD, MOM, RODRI, it's your victory, only we know what we went through to get there, how many hours of track, travel, training...

Thank you to all my team, to Gustavo Pratto for all the road we have traveled together and what we still have to do.

Nacho Coque today all these training sessions in the cold at 8am paid off and thank you to all the people who believed in me. 

Now back home and training because it's just started and we have a very difficult road ahead of us. “

Team Padel May

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