Interviewed by the Valladolid newspaper, the newspaper of his hometown, Arturo Coello, in the middle of pre-season, returned to various current topics.

And the current world number 1 was full of praise for his teammate Agustin Tapia. Indeed, he who does not leaves his mask no more said : “He is the most talented player I have ever seen, along with Juan Martín Díaz. The talent lies not so much in the spectacular gestures he performs, but in the ease with which he faces any situation that presents itself to him on the field.

Also rather well endowed in terms of talent, Coello forms with Tapia a most explosive duo. Together, the two men totally dominated the first part of the season, before experiencing a slight slump and seeing Lebron and Galan take control at the end of the year.

In 2024, will the Spanish-Argentinian pair be able to regain the effectiveness of the start of 2023?

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