At the General Assembly of the International Federation of padel (FIP), held in Rome yesterday, it was revealed that the Olympic Council of Asia has established a dedicated task force to work with the International Federation of Padel the progress of the steps for the inclusion of the padel in the Asian Games.

In summary, here are the advances that were made during this assembly:

  • 14 new federations have been approved within the FIP
  • 19 new federations start the FIP membership process
  • The Olympic Council of Asia begins the process of involving the padel at the Asian Games
  • Final preparations for the first European Games of padel in Poland in 2023
  • FIP members unanimously pass several key resolutions

Below you will find the FIP official statement, translate in French :

The International Federation of Padel, the governing body of the padel world, convened its annual General Assembly in Rome yesterday in a historic meeting.

All national federations affiliated to the FIP internationally participated or were represented at the meeting – chaired by the president of the International Federation of padel, Luigi Carraro – to discuss a series of important issues related to the development and governance of the padel nationally and globally.

Sign of the continued expansion of the padel around the world under FIP governance, 14 national federations have been approved as FIP members, in the following countries: Albania, Bahrain, Croatia, El Salvador, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Maldives, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia and Vatican City. Thus, 65 federations in the world are now represented within the FIP.

In addition, the process of affiliation of 19 other national federations in charge of padel in other countries of the world has been launched. These national federations should officially join the FIP this autumn.

In addition, the General Assembly announced that the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) had created a special working group responsible for collaborating with the FIP in order to advance the procedures for the entry of the padel in the Asian Games. The OCA working group will also explore with FIP the continued growth and development of the padel both at professional and amateur level, throughout the Asian region.

The General Assembly also discussed at length the final preparations for the first appearance of the padel at the European Games in Poland in 2023.

Finally, in a series of important resolutions, the members unanimously reiterated their full support and confidence in the FIP as the sole international governing body of the padel, while rejecting any interference from other governing bodies and entities. The executive office has also been instructed to do whatever is necessary to protect the interests of the padel. All resolutions are available upon request.

Luigi Carraro, President of the International Federation of padel (FIP), told the General Meeting: “Today was a historic moment for the development, governance and management of the sport of padel worldwide. Not only have we welcomed 14 new National Federations (NF) into the International Federation of Padel – 19 more NFs will follow later this year – but we also touched on the participation of the padel in the European Games next year as well as the advanced steps towards the participation of the padel at the Asian Games, which will be real highlights for our sport and for our players. The unity and cohesion of our members at today's General Assembly was simply amazing to see – with everyone sharing the same global vision for our sport under the FIP umbrella. Today was one of the most positive and exciting times for the sport of padel. "

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