The subject of assimilation of French players is clearly debated. We propose a different system, integrating the results of the WPT, for more equity.

First, let's go back to the principle of assimilation of the best French players. The French Tennis Federation provides financial assistance to players with a serious project on the international circuit: the World Padel Tour. In return, the beneficiaries are notably required to participate in a number of tournaments in France, but this number is less than 10.

Indeed, these players who live in Spain, have a very busy schedule and in terms of annual performance, it is up to them complicated to return to France for the 10 tournaments counting for the French classification.

So that a certain logic is respected and that we don't end up with inconsistent tables, especially at the French Championships, the FFT offers assimilation to players on the basis of their international ranking. Except that the operation of this assimilation is debated.

It has therefore been proposed a bonus system, which players would receive based on their ranking on the World Padel Tour. This idea has a big drawback. Take two players: one plays the WPT, the other does not. They have completed 10 tournaments each and have the same number of points. Whoever plays the World Padel Tour, even if it has bad results on the international scene, because of its bonus, will be found ahead of the other in the standings, when they had the same results in France? It could be very badly taken by many players.

We therefore proposeintegrate the results of the World Padel Tour in the balance. Thus, the FFT should find a scale to find a correspondence between results in France and results on the WPT. For example, imagine that a win in the men's Previa first round is equivalent to winning a P2000. Thus, the player who would pass a previas round of an Open tournament would gain 2000 points on the French ranking, but the one who would eliminated in the first round of preprevias would hardly gain points.

Completion of assimilation since the players would necessarily arrive at the 10 tournaments between the WPT and FFT events. This would allow a classification that is much more representative of the level and results throughout the season. The difficulty will be to find a scale which reflects reality well ...

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