Padel Magazine - In the Canary Islands, the WPT has offered all its promises by offering an unprecedented poster in the absence of world numbers: Miguel Lamperti and Maxi Grabiel who managed to reach for the first time a final of a WPT against Pablo Lima and Juani Mieres .

But before playing this final, the finalists will have to fight.

In the quarter-finals, where there were some beautiful games with spectacular points. The video below will testify:

Juani Mieres and Pablo Lima, the world number two were therefore logically the favorites of this tournament. If they won this Open, the road was far from easy with including a semi-final confrontation against Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo. Beaten 2 sets at 1, the world number two have been very hot and could have lost this match several times. Their regularity finally made it possible to get out of this trap against the "young people" of the top 10 world.

We would have liked the final to be tighter, but Miguel Lamperti and Maxi Grabiel just could not follow the Princes who were over-motivated to win this WPT of the Canary Islands. Pressed, it was also because it was not necessary that this game drags on because of the semifinal certainly physically trying. Lima and Mieres won 6 / 4, 6 / 2 and 6 / 2. This is the third title of the year for the "princes" who are looking to catch up on points leaders in the final stretch of the season.

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