Audrey Casanova is an extraordinary player because of her modesty and dynamism in the padel world. Multiple champion of France, vice-champion of European padel, she tells us about her changes, her ambitions.

We are talking about those who leave for Spain but not those who stay in France ...

Going to Spain is a beautiful project, but it is not given to everyone. Beyond motivation, courage, envy, we must have the financial means to go. I do not know if you have already encrypted a sports season in Spain playing the game thoroughly ... I wish good luck to Laura Clergue, my partner who is fighting in Madrid to try to be part of the players of the World Padel Tour. It takes guts to leave family, friends, professional life but the financial parameter is very important in my opinion in this project.

It is possible to find other ways to progress before considering to join the best world level, especially for a woman, in my opinion.

What have you changed in your training? What is your program in France?

Since Laura left (January 2017), I changed my way of training. I did before a lot of games with male players, few training at 2, no real fixed trainer. Now I take classes with José Luis Salines, a Spanish coach, I organize rehearsal work, ranges, with motivated club players. I dare to hit the ball from time to time with some very good French players like Laurent Boulade. I train assiduously on the physical level, with a physical trainer (Julien Leroy). I work tactics using videos. Finally, I changed the way I eat and consults a physio prevention. The downside is in competitions in France, a little restricted in women ...

Would you like to have the opportunity to join approved men's tournaments?

I would really like to have the opportunity to participate in the men's homologated competitions. Women's tournaments are rare, the tables are small (difficult to gather more than a dozen pairs even for a P1000), and the participants are the same. Meeting different opponents in official competitions greatly contributes to the player's progress. In Spain, girls do not face this problem, they really benefit compared to the French.

The women paddle is progressing, but do you find your account?

I am happy to see that the padel is evolving in France. Spaniards (France) have moreover come to play more and more in France competitions. These last 2 years, I find that there is a huge progression (since the FFT era). There is, I think, still a North / South imbalance in the development of this sport that should be corrected. More and more circuits are created with stages all over France. Very soon, there will be large padel projects that will see the day especially with the new team at the head of the FFT and I look forward to it. The women's paddle still remains to be developed.

Interview by Franck Binisti
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.