Babolat Padel offers an intermediate range shoe for women. Movea provides good technology at an affordable price.

At Babolat, there are 3 ranges of 100% padel shoes; the well-known Jet Premura, Movea and Pulsa. Let's dwell on the Movea for Ladies.

Great novelty for this padel shoe. Until now, the Movea has offered a clay-type sole. It's finish. Here is a shoe for padel players with a suitable sole.

Designed by Michelin, the sole repeats what we know, and which works for the Jet Premura. A different design, adapted to today's surfaces, coupled with several flexion zones for total comfort during many times of support and changes of direction.

The other positive point is the displacement of the part used for shock absorption towards the back of the shoe, the KPRS-X, the improved version of the Kompressor.

Finally, the last improvement made to the Movea: the incorporation of 2 lateral straps which allow, when tightening, to better maintain the foot.

This shoe offers very good benefits for an efficient, effective and comfortable padel.

Guide price: 75€

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very appreciated by clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.