Babolat is a brand that is the pride of France in the padel. It wants to continue its development policy by positioning itself as a reference on the world padel market.

This is the long-term goal of the French brand, which is resolutely turned towards innovation in its products and will launch next year the first shoe 100% adapted to the needs of padel players.

The will of Babolat

Babolat has been betting padel for almost four years now:

Our strategy is based on an exceptional product such as footwear, in partnership with Michelin, as well as the competition of World Padel Tour. Today we have a good knowledge of the market to be able to identify with this sport as well.

These are the words of Babolat Sales and Marketing Manager Alex Pardo.

This year 2018 was the first year with a collection of high-end carbon rackets and, for next year, the brand is preparing the launch " of the first 100% designed shoe for the padel According to Mr Pardo, a new sole has been developed, and the shoe has been adapted to facilitate short and fast movements.

This commitment to innovation aims to make Babolat a reference brand also in the padel sector.

Fred Bertucat, Director Babolat Padel, explain that

We do not want to be the leaders in sales volume, but quality and innovation. My main concern is to facilitate the practice of players, to meet their needs and to anticipate the future.

A small innovative market

Frédéric Bertucat believes that a large number of racket manufacturers do not innovate or too little.

There is no reason today to understand why one racket is worth 100 € and another 250 € except that one is fiberglass and the other carbon. It's not sufficient.

By the time you start to take a closer look at the innovations, there will be a cleanup of the market, and we will still have a few brands from here maybe 5 to 10.

Post-purchase stress

For his part, Alex Pardo emphasizes that " some practices need to be eliminated in the padel market ", With reference to parallel selling through unauthorized channels.

He considers that the main problem is the bad shopping experience that customers may have.

Alex Pardo refers to the effect of post-purchase stress " a player who is very motivated to play padel, goes to a store, buys a racket, and when he gets home, he receives a message from a competitor who offers him the same thing with 30% discount ". Alex Pardo believes that it is important that the market generates a pleasant customer experience.

Alexis Dutour

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