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Babolat Viper Carbon 2020 - The Class!

Babolat reveals its brand new padel racket: The Viper Cabon 2020. This is recently the new racket of the new world number one Juan Lebron.

The Spaniard played with this racket at the last Brazilian Open in Sao Paulo. And his racket made talk!

On the look, Babolat is in this mode of black with the special touch of the French firm: The yellow and the same "style" as 2019 models. A very nice mixture.

We see that Babolat is also on the rough part of the pala. Fashion effect or not, Babolat explains that the surface of the racket makes it possible to hang a little more the ball allowing to give more effect to the ball.

At the level of the "triangle", one has almost this trident of the racket to allow to collect more easily the shocks of the racket with the ball. A priori, it is a technology that can reduce the sores at the elbows and wrists.

Finally, the Viper is a full carbon, with a header balance. You've understood, we are mainly aimed at offensive players with this beautiful racket.

There too, we promise you some beautiful pictures next month at the World Padel Tour Master.

Photos: World Padel Tour

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