The new version Babolat Viper Tour 2016 is once again successful. Associated with the Drive Tour, Babolat presents his racket for attacker (the Viper) and the racket for defender (the Drive).

Visuals of the racket

What there is to know

It's a diamond shaped racquet. This is a powerful racket. The most powerful of the market? By some, but it certainly has under the hood. It offers a good freedom of movement with a scale that is not completely bottom to the racket header like some rackets. Is this a good thing? It depends on the sensations, but for the racket testers, this balance is enough to send big smashes!

Babolat also offers an average weight of 370 grams + - 5 gr. This is also a good point for Babolat. Many brands offer weights that vary to more or less 10 gr and sometimes even 15 gr !!! At least with this racket, there should not be too many surprises when ordering.

In terms of construction no unpleasant surprises: Full carbon with the famous system Babolat CARBON FIBER 3K are carbon areas that allow the racket stability and increased durability. We will have to see this in the medium term to see if this technology increases the durability of a racket.

Who is she for?

This racket like the Drive is rather intended for players of good levels. The Viper even more than the Drive should be put in the hands of insider players, because like many attacking rackets, it tolerates less inaccuracies than a racket more in control.

The materials used as the technologies are nickels. Babolat uses the Ultra Power Core 2 which corresponds to the black EVA gum. It increases the power of the racket.

At the net, the racket is nervous, with rather dry shots.

Data sheet

Weight 370 gr (365 / 375 gr)
Profile 38mm
Form Diamond

In summary (uses Babolat's terms)

The Babolat Viper Tour is the ideal model for competitive players looking for maximum power. Ultra Power Core 2 technology and Power Spread technology provide a level of stiffness that increases the power of the racket.

This is a competition racket, which thanks to its diamond shape, its black EVA foam with a return of extreme energy, brings a maximum of power. the shape of the progressive chamfer frame allows it a better aerodynamics. its carbon fiber frame and the addition of 3K carbon fiber zones gives it good impact stability and good durability.

They tested the racket ...

Xavier Andrieux tennis coach in the Essarts-le-Roi club sponsored by Babolat using the Viper tour racquet (red): " I could test the drive tower (blue). A clear difference between the two racquets Viper will be very powerful more flexible impact but less accurate. The drive is going to be stiffer a lot more precision but of course a loss of power If I had to classify the two rackets the blue would be for the defense and the red for the attack I will still ask Mr. Babolat the drive because it gives me control that I did not have with the Viper

Hiram Azilinon, padel player, talks about the 2 Babolat racquets tested: "I rather played with the orange racquet (viper). It is suitable for a powerful player like me! Very good control and take good effects. "

Babolat: Viper Tour

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.