After two eliminations in the semi-finals, the numbers 1 Ale Galan and Juan Lebron find their way back to the final on the World Padel Tour.

Ale Galan and Juan Lebron join Sanyo Gutierrez and Franco Stupaczuk in the final of the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master, a pair that still have not beaten them in four confrontations.

In the semifinals, the Spaniards were very solid in the hot moments, winning the first set 7/6, 7 points to 0 in the decisive game! In the second set, Bela and Tapia get three consecutive set points at 5/4 on the service of Galan but the latter keep a cool head and brush them aside with three winning smashes!

The two teams do not manage to decide between themselves and we leave on a tie-break, won once again by Lebron / Galan, 7 points to 5 this time. A victory 7 / 6 7 / 6 in a very close game, with incredible points. Bela and Tapia will have had a good game, but fall against a pair that has been stronger in key moments. We expect a top-flight final tomorrow, 10h00 !

Video credit: World Padel Tour

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