Le World Padel Tour Estrella Damm Barcelona Master again gave us a lot of spectacle, proof with this Top 3 recoveries.

In third position, we find the inevitable Ale Galan, who handed a par 3 from Sanyo Gutierrez straight into the net with a flick behind the head.

In second, it is this already mythical point between Sanyo / Stupa and Chingotto / Tello, with many deliveries of smashes, and a final in apotheosis, with Chingotto who recovers… a recovery of Franco Stupaczuk from a small ball while touching.

Finally, another puntazo, we still find the finalists Sanyo and Stupa, still in the “bad role”. And once again, it is Sanyo's yet so effective smash that is countered by a superb dormilona from Paquito Navarro.


Video credit: World Padel Tour

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