Here we are. Everyone entered the final table of WPT Barcelona and played his first game. Surprises and beautiful posters, there is something for everyone.

Before announcing the matches of the day, there were some surprises on the slopes of World Padel Tour Barcelona. The big news comes from the very recent union between Maxi Sánchez and Martín Di Nenno which does not pass its first round against a solid team formed by Adrían Allemandi and Jerónimo Gonzalez Luque. Also note the passage in 1/8 finals for Godo Díaz and Francisco Gomes.

Among the ladies, no surprises for Léa Godallier and Laura Clergue who can console themselves by saying that they have stolen 3 games from numbers 1 Ariana Sánchez and Alejandra Salazar. For Alix Collombon and Nicole Traviesa, it goes quite easily. For the other women's teams, the logic was respected.

This Thursday

Here is the ladies program for this Thursday of 1/8 finals:

  • Salazar / Sánchez vs. Mesa / Las Heras
  • Virseda / Villalba vs. Nogueira / Brea
  • Amatriaín / Llaguno vs. Collombon / Traviesa
  • Piltcher / Alonso against Triay / Sainz
  • Ortega / González vs. Domínguez / Paz
  • Hernández / Icardo vs. Navarro / Osoro
  • Alayeto / Alayeto vs. Vallejo / De los Santos
  • Galán / Iglesias vs. Marrero / Josemaría

Men's program:

  • Galán / Lebron vs. Díaz / Gomes
  • Perino / Gutiérrez vs. Silingo / Díaz
  • González Luque / Allemandi against Nieto / Rico
  • Without Riola / Zaratiegui against Tapia / Belasteguín
  • Stupaczuk / Gutiérrez v Campagnolo / Díaz
  • Ruiz / Lijo vs. Chingotto / Tello
  • Alba Sánchez / Gil Morales v Coello Manso / Ramírez del Campo
  • Fernández Cano / Cepero vs. Lima / Navarro

Julien Bondia

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