Victorious in his first qualifying round of this Italy Major Premier Padel, Bastien Blanqué went to the microphone of Padel Magazine to give us his feelings after this match and talk about the next one which will have a special flavor for him.

Padel Magazine : Bastien, what happened in this match? Why was it so hard today?

Bastien Blanqué "It was very hard because the conditions leveled out a lot, it came out a lot in the first set. We win 6-3, we were able to “hit”, it was cool. And all of a sudden there was no more sun and the temperature dropped which changed the conditions. We lose the second set but in the third we put a little more gas…we lead 5-0 and then we come back 5-2 and we finish at 6-3.

We are playing a rather serious match for a first with Jorge, my new Spanish partner. We had a lot of benchmarks to take, we got embarrassed on a few balls in the middle and a few times in defense… but very happy to have won and to have qualified after this first round (of qualifications)."

Padel Magazine : What happened at 5-0? You had done the hardest part and it was as if a "blockage" had appeared from there?

Bastien Blanqué : “Until 5-0 we play well at padel, we lob very well, we get in well on game transitions. We knew we were approaching the end, with 1h30 of play and the fact that it had been very hot, honestly we were starting to get tired a little little. We slacked off a bit and in this sport we know very well that you slack off by 5-10% and you lose 1 or 2 games. We didn't put ourselves in danger, but we had to be careful and to finish at 6-3 it was a good thing all the same."

Padel Magazine : In the second round you are playing against an opponent you know well Max Moreau, what do you expect from this match? 

Bastien Blanqué : “So in addition he plays with Pablo Acevedo who was my partner on the World Padel Tour three weeks ago… I'm confident because I know them and I know how to play them. After the conditions, I know it's going to be a fight since it levels out a lot and above all we don't know yet what time we're playing so we don't know if it's going to be very hot or not.

But it's always nice to play some French friends too, it's going to be a very good game I think."

He adds : The objective is to enter the final table. As far as qualifying is concerned, we have a good picture, there we face Max and Pablo who are seeded n°18 in these qualifiers, and behind us there is still a seed. The objective will therefore be to draw the table from the first tournament with Jorge and we will give everything for it. “

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