French champion Bastien Blanqué, currently 182nd at the World Padel Tour, will make three tournaments with Jordi Muñoz, currently 78th in the ranking.

We you said recently that Bastien Blanqué was not yet registered for the Master of Marbella, rest assured it is now done. The Toulousain will team up with the Madrilenian Javier De Paiz, 210th in the WPT ranking.

After Marbella, Bastien will play three tournaments with Jordi Muñoz, a straight player with a very aggressive game. Currently 78th in the ranking, the one who was Paquito Navarro's partner in 2009, is a former star of the world padel. In his 44th year, he will bring all his experience to Bastien. A very promising association and a chance for Bastien to start his season in the best way!

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