The adventure continues between Bea Gonzalez and StarVie continues. The player and the brand both broke the news on social media.

Despite her 20 years, Bea Gonzalez is already one of the references on the women's circuit. After celebrating her 6th season at the highest level, the 11th player in the World Padel Tour decides to continue the adventure with the brand that has accompanied it since 2017.

For StarVie, it makes sense to bet another 4 years on one of the biggest talents in the padel global. The player from Malaga, who just got his first signature racquet, clearly embodies the future of the sport.

The brand's CEO, Jorge Gómez de la Vega, is not mistaken:

“For us, Bea is clearly one of the players with the most potential on the circuit and we want her to be part of StarVie for many years to come.”

Same story with the player born in 2001: “I am very proud and happy to continue with StarVie for the next 4 years. A national brand that has helped and supported me since my beginnings in the padel professionally, on a daily basis, whether on a sporting or personal level.

It is a privilege to be part of what has always been a family for me. I am sure that together we can build new things.”

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