The city of Lagny-sur-Marne will soon have complete and unique equipment with nine courts, including a tennis, beach-tennis area as well as padel.

A project valued at more than 3 million euros

Estimated between 3 and 3,5 million euros, the budget for this project is colossal. The Department is participating in the amount of 1,1 million euros, a nice envelope therefore, the Federation has made its contribution for the nets and the City hopes that the Region will also contribute.

At the heart of the Sports Park, this complex will have nine courts: 5 tennis courts (three indoor, two outdoor), which can be accessed all year round, as well as a hitting wall. But above all, there will be two beach tennis courts and two tracks of padel. The ambition is to attract a larger audience and as said Fabien Kesteloot, president of the club Tennis Lagny-Pomponne, "having all these practices together is unique in Seine-et-Marne".

A clear objective: to create a “club” spirit

This project will include a central building, which will contain a room for physical training and club house. “We are going to develop club life. We already have a lot of ideas for creating events, having a space for e-tennis on a console, creating a small internal TV channel, welcoming people with disabilities… ”, specifies Kesteloot.

The Lagny Pomponne club currently has between 230 and 250 members and hopes to increase to 500-600 members thanks to the new land and all the equipment that will be put in place, with the ambition of potentially changing dimensions thanks to these new infrastructures.

I complexed him should be delivered by 2023, with the start of the works scheduled for February 2022.

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.