Following the last WPT tournament which took place in Las Rozas, it is necessary to review the main changes to the Race 2021. Places are expensive to go to the Malaga 2021 Master Final.

At the present time, the leaders of Race 2021 are still Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán. They each have 5 points. On the other hand, their margin against the runners-up is reduced!

Indeed, following the recent results, in particular due to a lack of efficiency of the numbers 1, Bela and Sanyo come back! After this 8th tournament of the season (not counting the Challenger in which the best cannot participate), Sanyo has 4 points and Bela 850.

Thanks to their first victory of the season, Pablo Lima and Agustín Tapia are relaunched in the race for Race 2021. This victory makes them progress by 6 places and they enter the Top10. The Argentine and the Brazilian are tied for 5th with 3 points each.

Agustin Tapia and Pablo Lima Las Rozas 2021 WPT Padel

To another extent, Miguel Lamperti, who is recovering with his quarterback in Las Rozas, for his first tournament with Miguel Yanguas! He improved his ranking by 2 places and is now 15th!

source: Facebook WPT

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