Present during the first stage of the Cupra Padel Turn to Padel House Bordeaux, the tenth French player Benjamin Grué returned to the event.

A very well organized event

“I found it great to mix these tournaments, P250, P25, men, women, children who were also able to exchange with us. There was a beautiful Cupra POS too, the event was very well organized so I will come back with pleasure.”

“The amateurs had the choice to play with or against us, many wanted to play against us and serve, some were very aggressive, they tried to win points quickly. We didn’t lose a game, but we came close on certain decisive points…”

Benjamin Grué’s advice to amateur players

“The majority of the faults that we find among amateur players is that they make a lot of unforced errors, a lot of shots where they want to play very quickly. They should be able to square their game a little, find a little more areas rather than wanting to go from strength to strength by being less rigorous and therefore making a lot of mistakes.”

New objectives for 2024

“I refocused my objectives a little this year, the main objective was to make the World Championships over 35 years old but I was not selected, so I had to turn around a little. I played quite a bit on the French circuit because I'm coming back from an injury, I tested two tournaments with Spaniards and I really liked it so why not repeat the experience at the end of the year, and if I can and that I am in good shape during the second part of the season to go back to some tournaments abroad.

I always have the goal of doing things that make me happy because I'm somewhat at the end of my career. That's why this kind of event makes me feel good, to transmit, to be with people. I see a little more padel in this way now: I enjoy the tournaments but also during the lessons that I give at the Big Padel, during events, when I can transmit.”

The interview in full:

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