Beaten yesterday with Teo Zapata by the pair Javi Leal/Javi Rico in the first round of the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, Benjamin Tison goes to the microphone of Padel Magazine. He looks back on his match, his feelings, and gives us his predictions for Tuesday's matches.

“Facing Leal / Rico, we knew it would be complicated. As pair 27, going up against pair number 10 is bad luck when you consider the top eight seeds are byes of the first round. They are stronger, there is more control. In these conditions, Javi Leal is very very strong, he only missed two smashes in the match...

We fought, I think we had the right attitude. I have things to work on, to erase silly little mistakes. I think I have progressed padel but that I am less strong than before on the important points.

But we started off on a good footing with Teo, we made the final draw in Valencia, there we lost in the first round but by playing a good match, we're back!

Playing at Roland-Garros on the center is incredible, I would have liked to play more matches, but I will be back next year! “

To follow the interview in its entirety, with its forecasts, it is via the link HERE.

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