Present at Roland-Garros as part of the events that take place around the padel Benjamin Tison took the time to answer our questions. He talks to us about his ambitions for Roland-Garros, his relationship with Teo Zapata as well as his program in June/July.

“Create the surprise by going for an eighth or a quarter”

Padel Magazine : We could see you give a nice demonstration with Alix Collombon. Can we say that you are a bit warming up before the big tournament which is coming up next month?

Ben Tison : “July 11-17 is definitely going to be great. Roland-Garros, the theater of dreams for us former tennis players in particular, even if I have already played there, but not on the Philippe Chatrier!

It's great that there is this tournament organized, it's going to be simply incredible. I hope this will be a big leap forward for the padel in France, and above all I hope that there will be supporters who will come en masse to encourage us and that we will create a surprise by going for a round of XNUMX or a quarter. “

“A month of June/July of madness”

Padel Magazine : Can we say that you are cheating a little bit, because your opponents will be able to say that you have already played RG, that you have already trained there?

Ben Tison : “It's clear, I've already warmed up and I've had the opportunity to play with two great players: Thierry Omeyer and Robert Pires who play very well! We enjoyed ourselves with Alix, we really had a great time.

Of course I will have the advantage of playing at home! I will have the family, the public, the friends.. it will be incredible! I'm really, really looking forward to it.

There is already the tournament World Padel Tour in Toulouse soon, and after Premier Padel to Roland. There I have a month of June / July of madness “

"We had to talk (with Teo)"

Padel Magazine : With your teammate Teo Zapata, we know there was a tournament Premier Padel quite complicated. Behind there was the World Padel Tour Marbella where you entered the table (again). Can we say that your worries are history, and now you're back to normal?

Ben Tison: " Completely ! I had said in the interview that there was no problem with Teo, but we had to talk because there were things we could do that bothered us. other from time to time. We talked among friends, as I had said. In Marbella, it went very well! We didn't necessarily play our best padel, but in attitude we were very good. We felt like a real team of friends. It was seen, we won and we made the final draw: the 4th in 7 tournaments. It's simply incredible for us, we didn't think we'd do it at the start of the year.

We lost in 3 sets behind, but we were not very far from going in 8th. But hey, it will come!”

He also added:

“We made things clear! We said to each other what made us happy in each other, why we were playing together, we remembered the essential things and we played well. So we hope it will continue now!”

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