Benjamin Tison, high level manager padel at the FFT and coaches of numerous French players, has drawn up his balance sheet after the first day of Bordeaux Premier Padel P2. But he also returned to the anger of players on the professional circuit which is so much talked about behind the scenes. Selected pieces.

On the defeat of Johan Bergeron and Maxime Moreau (6/3 6/2)

Geens Mercadal vs Bergeron Moreau

“Max and Jo don't have a bad match overall. They break and they come back, but at this level, you can't make 3-4 big mistakes as is the case. The score is a little harsh, but Clément Geens was above the other four. Jo really had a great match, Max had difficulties in a few phases of the game. We must not take away the credit from the opponents. Clément has a very big backhand which scared Max, he hit very hard in vibora. They imposed a rhythm which explains certain tactical errors. I'm obviously disappointed for them because they can do a little better. »

On the back of Adrien Maigret and Julien Seurin (6/2 6/4)

Seurin Maigret

“For Adri and Ju, I was not able to coach them because of an administrative error. Adrien had a bad start to the match, he wasn't confident. Behind is better. They have the opportunities, but we have to be better on these points. You can't be satisfied with two defeats but at the same time, when you play against the best, I would have liked it to be closer. We know that the P2 level is very high. »

On the victory of Vanbauce / Joris against De Meyer / Gonzalez (6/3 6/3)

“I felt there was a lot of tension. It's not a match that I will remember in terms of pure level of play, it's a lot of emotion. Maxime and Thomas are on the verge of qualifying with the French team for the European Championships (Editor's note: the list will be announced this Friday during the day), they did well. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. »

A guaranteed place with the Blues in the event of a victory tomorrow?

“No, it’s never played out in just one match. Vanbauce and Joris are playing well, this would confirm what they have been doing for three months. But tomorrow won't change everything. The list is almost complete. We were waiting for the last qualifying matches for the men. We must decide in the coming days and the Comex must validate on Friday. »

Benjamin Tison Premier Padel Bordeaux coach

His life since his appointment to the FFT

“When I'm working, I don't miss the field. But when I'm there, of course I want to play in these incredible infrastructures! I like the job, there are some incredible things and some less nice things. It's great to be here and it allows me to stay in this universe. We are in the process of setting up tournament monitoring for the guys and girls. »

His opinion on the controversy Premier Padel

“The wrongs are shared. The players are very demanding, perhaps a little too much. We also have to remember where we come from. At Roland-Garros (tennis), they fill all the courts from the second day, while we can't do it on a main draw. This is perhaps proof that the padel, even though it is expanding, still has work to do. »

The replay of the first day can be found below:

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