It was a real demonstration delivered by Johan Bergeron (7) and Maxime Moreau (3), this weekend, at the PadelShot of Caen. Winners 6/1 – 6/1 in the final against Grue/Gonzalez, the two men confided in Padel Magazine.

Solidarity and trust

John Bergeron: “We were there to win, we have to be honest. We managed to have a big tournament, with four very good matches: we didn't lose a set and we played very well together. We had already thought about it during the last tournament, we are starting to find our team tactics and it was confirmed. I am very happy ! Especially since we won a little “dryly” in terms of score in the final, that’s always nice. »

Maxime Moreau: “I've been asking him to play with me for six years, so I'm making the most of it. Communication is super important in padel, and I trust him enormously. Whatever he tells me, I do, it's for the good of our team. »

Jo Bergeron Max Moreau P2000 final

Eighth P2000 for Bergeron, a big first for Moreau

JB: “I didn’t come back to overtake Blanqué (laughs)! I came back to do my best. Every time I'm on the pitch, it's to win titles. I get very frustrated when we stop in quarters or semis, so I want to play these kinds of games with Max. If we have to win a lot of matches this year, the French Championships and do well in FIP, I'll sign! »

MM: “Jo hadn't played for a year, it's always difficult to find your bearings. We enjoy it on the pitch, we're happy to be together because it's not always easy. It's not because we're going to FIP that we're in dream conditions! So we work a lot on the mind with Jean-Michel Pequery. The goal is to progress day by day. »

Max Moreau Johan Bergeron

Jo Bergeron, an ideal partner for Max Moreau

MM: “Jo, it’s Olympique Lyonnais: they were relegated at the start of the season, and now they may end up in the Europa League! He has crazy talent, he has an eye that few guys left and right have. It works a lot with him through motivation and desire. When everything comes together, it is among the best, if not the best. I'm lucky to have him with me so I'm taking advantage of it. Is this my best year? I do not think so. I started three years ago and finished at 400 points. I had had good results, but with partners who were not fixed. »

Eyes fixed on Argentina

JB: “The next deadlines? There is Bordeaux, then we leave for Argentina on Wednesday for the P1 of Mar del Plata. We will wait for the table to gain the maximum points and confidence. It's important for us to be in these tournaments. »

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, six years earlier. Today, he follows the international circuit with passion and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.