Faced with a general annoyance from the world of tennis and padel, Bernard Giudicelli, the President of the FFT, last night took the lead by sending to 7500 club presidents a message explaining the position of the FFT.

After the government's speech on phase 2 of the deconfinement, the FFT had remained silent, despite the numerous observations / comments / calls from players and clubs on social networks. Some people even go so far as to be surprised to see “a publication (Friday morning) on ​​an interview with Fabrice Santoro on the supports of the FFT while we are in the aftermath of a crucial speech for the resumption of our activities"

"The clubs play their survival, the FFT must tell us what it is…"

Message received 5 out of 5 by Bernard Giudicelli who therefore spoke to the club presidents last night by email and then on his facebook page. Did it fill all the players in tennis and padel? No, because the FFT does not seem to have all the cards in hand.

The FFT itself is waiting for “the decree which cancels that of May 11 last still in force”And the publication of the“ tennis and associated disciplines sheet ”on the website of the Ministry of Sport.

Clearly, the FFT will not move until the government has not positioned itself clearly on tennis and its associated sports in this phase 2 of deconfinement. And this is the message that the President of the FFT wishes to convey "to the 7500 club presidents".

Respect the Law. Let us wait for a decree to be published probably Tuesday June 2 cancel that of May 11 still in force. Our club presidents have shown how responsible they are and the mayors have trusted them. Let's make it easier for them. Let’s wait. Have a good Pentecost weekend. The fight against COVID-19 continues. Avoiding infection is the best way to disinfect everything.

Here is the content of the letter from the President of the FFT, Bernard Giudicelli:

Ladies and gentlemen, Club presidents,

Following the Prime Minister's announcement, we are awaiting the decree which will officially open phase 2 of the deconfinement.

To achieve this, our services worked very intensely this week to develop the protocol for phase 2 proposed to the Ministry of Sports with which we finalized the final elements.

We have done our utmost, and even more, so that, in compliance with health rules, our sport and its associated disciplines can be practiced by your young and old members in complete safety.

We have made every effort to achieve this and calmly await a positive development of the situation.

Now I hope to be able to announce good news to you as soon as possible as soon as the “tennis and associated disciplines sheet” (Padel, beach-tennis, paratennis, Court-Paume) is published on the website of the Ministry of Sports.

My message to the 7500 club presidents last night. Let's respect the law. Let's wait for a decree to appear without ...

Published by Bernard Giudicelli Ferrandini at Friday, May 29th, 2020

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.