If you are a fan of padel and you are interested in sports betting, you certainly already know that it is possible to bet on sports betting matches. Premier Padel in Spain.

However, we notice that two sports betting sites have already decided to communicate in France: Betclic and Betsson. The first distinguished itself with the Betclic Remontada, this event of padel amateur who took the players to the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and also sponsors the Premier Padel Bordeaux P2. For its part, the Swedish site brings its name to the new amateur circuit Betsson Padel Tour, which will offer ten stages in Urban centers Padel.

If these two sports betting giants decide to bet on the padel, it's perhaps that they feel that we will soon be able to bet on this sport in France...

And you, you would like to be able to bet on the biggest matches of padel ?

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