Betclic partners with Bordeaux Premier Padel for a period of 3 years. A strong commitment for Betclic which firmly believes in the development of padel in France.

Leader in the sports betting market in France, Betclic highlights less publicized ecosystems and practices to address all sports fans and offer them a unique experience. This partnership therefore aligns perfectly with Betclic's vision of promoting the professionalization of emerging sports and reinforcing its commitment to developing the disciplines of tomorrow.

For the first time in history, Bordeaux will host an edition of the best world circuit of padel. With Roland Garros, Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel thus becomes one of the two French stages of the largest international competition of padel and will receive unprecedented media coverage with 150 million viewers worldwide.

For the occasion, the Arkéa Arena is transformed for the first time into a sports configuration with a central track with more than 5000 seats, two additional fields, VIP areas for a unique experience.

The line-up promises to be exceptional for this Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel with the legend Fernando Belasteguin who is playing the last season of his career, Sanyo Gutierrez, Bea Gonzalez and the French represented in particular by the French number 1 Thomas Leygue and Alix Collombon.

The ticket office with attractive prices is online with places available at
from 9 euros.


Nicolas Beraud, CEO Betclic, main partner of Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel : “We are delighted to highlight the padel, the fastest growing sport in the world, and to support the largest international competition in this discipline. By becoming namer of the stage of Premier Padel in Bordeaux, we are committed to promoting the professionalization of tomorrow's sports and allowing fans to experience the padel stronger."

Jean-Luc Baldelli, co-founder of Moon Safari and promoter of Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel : “It is an honor and immense pride to organize a stage Premier Padel in Bordeaux. Make the padel within our magnificent city and our region is an incredible challenge! Betclic, a Bordeaux company, has signed up with us for several editions and it is a strong signal that the French leader in the sports betting market is choosing the padel and our event.”