As we told you a month ago, Eli Amatriain, 10th player in the world and student in psychology, bring his look at the different mental aspects of the game Black Crown Academy

In a video uploaded to the Facebook page of Black Crown Padel, Eli Amatriain brings us his precious advice in case we find ourselves in a day without.

Awareness and acceptance

All players have experienced this feeling of helplessness when they cannot find their marks on the field and the ball does not “come out” of the racket. Unforced errors multiply, frustration increases… So what to do on court when you are having a bad day and nothing seems to be working in your game?

As with any psychological process, the first and certainly the most important step is to become aware of the situation and accept it. So you will need take the necessary distance on your game to tell yourself that you are not in the best possible light and to accept this situation which can sometimes be difficult to manage.

Eli Amatriain gives us 3 very concrete examples which you can implement the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, whether in matches or in training.

Focus on your strengths!

It might sound logical, but you'll be better able to hit the shots you can handle best. For example, if you are a more defensive player, try to play more lobs and give more volume of play by putting as many balls in play as possible. If you have a more offensive profile, try to regain confidence on the shots. the easiest.

In all cases, try to take more room and reduce your risk taking until your feelings improve.

Patty llaguno eli amatriain slap in the hand

Keep positive thoughts

When things go wrong, sometimes we tend to go over them over and over again in our heads. The mind then becomes our first enemy since we will tend to tell ourselves that we are bad, that we are of little value, that it is not our day, etc.

These thoughts, which loop in our heads, end up forming a cloud so dense that we don't even realize the good things qwhat we do and that prevents us from getting back on our feet.

Instead of self-flagging, try to keep positive thoughts in mind. What can you do to improve your game? Are you very active, especially on the feet? Is your positioning correct? By asking yourself these questions, you will focus more on the execution of your strokes than on the result and you will find better sensations.

Stay in the moment

Here. And now. Applying this famous mantra can come in handy when things are not going the way you want. Forget what has happened so far, the only thing that matters is the point you are going to play now.

By setting aside your past mistakes and simply giving the best of yourself in the present moment, you will soon find that your level of play will return.

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And if none of these solutions help you, remember that you can always take a short break. Maybe even a few steps around the court or to go freshen up in the bathroom. The most important thing is to break the bad momentum and come back with new intentions.

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