Small duel between two of the most sold versatile models at the start of 2020: the Black Crown Piton 8.0 and the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard

On the one hand Black Crown Piton 8.0 : the racket of Eli Amatriain, but also of Jose Antonio Garcia Diestro. This is the model the most powerful and rigid of the marke. Round in shape, this pala will give you great maneuverability and more control in defense. It incorporates a foam Medium density EVA, a professional quality eraser, which brings a perfect mix between comfort and precision.

Le 15k carbon mixed with fiberglass will offer you an excellent compromise between power and ball output. As on the other models of the brand, the sweet-spot is widened, for more control. So we are dealing with a high-end racket, ideal for attackers, rather rigid, and with very good handling.

On the other, the Kuikma Hybrid Hard : with its foam Dense BlackEva, this pala in water drop shape, provides an excellent blend of precision, power and handling. The presence of a rough surface should delight fans of effects.

At the frame, the double carbon tubular, and the carbon 12k on the faces, will bring you rigidity and therefore more power, but also solidity. Weight level we are average with 372 grams (+ -5). A model therefore ideal for players of a good level, wishing a balanced racket and a rigid feel, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

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