While this weekend is playing out second P2000 of the 2024 season in PadelShot Caen, we look back at the winners of this category launched in 2019 by the FFT.

If we look at the P2000 poster for this season, we notice that players appear: Bastien Blanqué and Alix Collombon. Two players who were not chosen at random: they are the most prolific in the history of FFT Padel Tour !

As of this writing, 20 P2000s have occurred. Bastien Blanqué won 11 (5 with Thomas Leygue, 4 with Johan Bergeron, 1 with Dylan Guichard and 1 with Adrien Maigret). The Toulouse player also lost three times in the final (2 with Bergeron, 1 with Leygue).

Alix Collombon also has 11 P2000 wins (6 with Léa Godallier, 5 with Jessica Ginier-Barbier). Note that Alix, the French number 1, only lost once during a P2000, it was in the final at the Pyramides, with Jessica Ginier-Barbier, against Laura Clergue and Léa Godallier.

The top 3 women:

  • Collombon: 11
  • Godallier: 10
  • Ginier-Barber: 6

This weekend in Caen, Alix is ​​absent, but Léa is present alongside Mélissa Martin, with whom she has already won 2 P2000s. In the event of a victory for the Godallier / Martin pair, the player of Tahitian origin would join Collombon in the lead with 11 P2000 won!

The top 3 men:

  • Blanked: 11
  • Bergeron: 7
  • Leygue / Tison: 6

Johan Bergeron, the only player in the top 3 most successful players present in Caen (with Max Moreau) could widen the gap a little with Thomas Leygue and Benjamin Tison!

Find the complete list below!

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