As she has announced on Instagram, Patty Llaguno and her partner Virginia Riera will not be present at the World Padel Tour Human Padel Open.

Indeed, the Spanish player suffers from an injury that will keep her away from the field.

Since this pair was seeded number 3, the table has changed and it concerns a Franco-Spanish pair. Indeed, Léa Godallier and Teresa Navarro will ultimately not face Marta Marrero and Lucia Sainz but Barbara Las Heras and Veronica Virseda, seeded 8!

Marrero and Sainz are they directly in the round of XNUMX. They will be opposed to the winners of the match between the Lucky Losers Lucia Pérez and Lorena Vano and the pair Clasca / Pappacena, resulting from the previas. fi

Discover the new female table by clicking here.

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