SOXPro socks offer everything a player of padel needs, and even more. Focus on this extraordinary product!

More stability and power

The Italian brand GEARXPro offers socks specially designed for the practice of padel, a sport which is distinguished in particular by the quality of support it requires. Thanks to their grip that comes into contact with the insole of your shoe, SOXPro socks will bring you more stability and power when transferring force from the feet to the upper body ! In particular, they have been validated for the practice of padel by a real expert was even present during the validation tests: a certain Juani Mieres, 15th in the ranking of World Padel Tour !


Less muscle fatigue and blisters

Moreover, thanks to their reinforcements and their seamless and anti-friction construction, the socks SOXPro wrap your foot perfectly to allow you to feel a maximum comfort, while avoiding blisters ! But that's not all, thanks to the grip of the outer part of the sock and the inner grip, you will reduce the risk of torsion injuries, and reduce your muscle fatigue. Facts that have been proven in tests carried out by Biomove experts.


SOXPro grip socks

These very high-end socks are available in three versions: Classic, Ultralight, and Low Cut. Respect for the environment is also at the heart of the brand's concerns since the cotton used is organic. Thinner version Ultralight, made of recycled materials, even has a touch of technology in addition, with the Grip-in +, a patented hooking system, with an undetectable inner thread on the inner part that allows you to feel even more locked in your sock!

SOXPro classic low cut ultra light

These socks, which incorporate an anti-bacterial ventilation system, are available in various colors and sizes (from 35 to 49)!

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