The FIP has just revealed the official schedule of qualifications for the Girondin P2. A particular poster risks attracting attention: the one between Dorian de Meyer (aligned with the Spaniard Miguel Gonzalez) and his former partner and friend Thomas Vanbauce (who plays with Maxime Joris).

A twist of fate or an irony of fate, call it what you want. What is certain is that Dorian de Meyer, who was not even supposed to participate in the tournament in the first place, and Thomas Vanbauce certainly did not expect to face each other in the first round of the Bordeaux competition! An unusual situation for these two friends which, as we suspect, will sound like a heartbreak. Back to their story.

Dorian de Meyer and Thomas Vanbauce

It all started in 2016, when Vanbauce and De Meyer met on the bench of their mathematics university. Their budding friendship pushes them to play padel together. “We have climbed the ranks and come from very far in terms of level (…). It's something we never expected to achieve, it was a dream.", admitted Thomas in our columns.

The alchemy took shape and the pair began to stack up high-level performances: a top 10 nationally, a top 300 worldwide and numerous victories in P1000 and P2000. Their complicity continued for several years before their separation was made official in March 2024, not without emotion. “I can't help but look back a little, and the more memories go back, the more emotions come”, Dorian slides, the child of the country.

dorian de meyer and thomas vanbauce

Since this break, the “French Tello and Chingotto” have followed diametrically opposed trajectories. De Meyer had a mixed start to the season while Vanbauce achieved some highlights with Maxime Joris. The Bordeaux player is also one of the best progressions in the French contingent.

This Sunday, the battle promises to be spectacular between Gonzalez / De Meyer and Vanbauce / Joris. The two Big players Padel know: there will only be one ticket for the rest...

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, one evening in June 2018. Today, he passionately follows the international circuit and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.