The organizers Jean-Luc Baldelli, Jean-Thomas Peyrou and Michaël Llodra brought together the Landerneau padeliste in Bordeaux this Tuesday on the occasion of the press conference of launch of Bordeaux P2 (June 10 to 16).

They confirmed that 7000 tickets (prices from €9 to €39, excluding VIP services) had already been sold for the whole week, knowing that the venue can reach a maximum of 6500 seats over one day.

They also took the opportunity to reveal the first images of what the room adjoining the Garonne will become during this stage of the Premier Padel.

Moreover, the two annex courts will be set up from the Wednesday preceding the start of the tournament, followed by the installation of the central court in the same room. “Our desire,” explained tournament director Jean-Thomas Peyrou, “was for all players, whatever their level, whether during qualifying or for the best players in the world in the final, to all play in the same Arena. »

Jérémy Scatena, founder of 100% Padel, the company in charge of installing the tracks padel in Bordeaux Premier Padel, promises us some nice surprises: “In parallel with the competition, there will be numerous activities throughout the week: demonstrations, exhibitions, mini-test tournaments… and a presentation of the new track that the We’re going to set it up on the central!”