Who would've believed that ?! After having completely dominated the year 2023, Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez have recently been relegated to second place by those who follow them in the ranking: Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez.

However, everything started perfectly for the number 1s who won during the first tournament of 2024, in Riyadh. In the final in Saudi Arabia, Angel Gonzalez's players largely dominated their runners-up in the rankings with a 6/3 6/2 which seemed to lead us straight towards a second year of great domination for Ari and Paula. The victory in Qatar in the final against Ortega / Virseda (admittedly more complicated), confirmed the duo's 100% control Head. But behind that, things have changed...

josemaria sanchez victory 2024 major doha premier padel

Beaten from the start in Acapulco (by Nogueira / Caldera), Josemaria and Sanchez felt it was time to take a break. They therefore decided not to go to Puerto Cabello. The tournament chosen by Delfi and Brea, not at their best during the first tournaments of the year, to completely launch their season!

Victorious in Venezuela, Jorge Martinez's players have finally gained confidence. Behind them, they won in Belgium, then this weekend in Seville, offering themselves the luxury of crushing those ahead of them in the ranking finally. Thanks to this real awakening, the pair 100% Bullpadel, who remains on three consecutive titles, becomes the most successful duo in 2024.

Brea Gonzalez 16x9

Ari and Paula, who started the year with two titles, were unable to lift another trophy this season. Since their return from break, the number 1s have not yet found their best form. Although they still managed a semi-final and a final, results which would delight many players, the Spanish seem a little behind. An impression confirmed by this heavy defeat in the final in Andalusia…

Will the break before starting the South American tour be good for those who are chasing their 30th title together? Start of response in ten days in Paraguay!

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