Padel Intelligence compiled the data collected during the victory of Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto in the final of P2 in Brussels against Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia yesterday.

Statistics Brussels Premier Padel P2

Ale Galan, MVP of the match

In a very tight clash where we can see that only twelve points separate the two teams, Ale Galan particularly stood out through his offensive play. The Spaniard has an excellent ratio of winning points (32) to unforced errors (18), thanks in particular to his 20 winning smashes hit over the entire game.

Ale Galan MVP Brussels Premier Padel P2

If “Galantico” and his partner Fede Chingotto played an almost identical number of balls (50% each), it was the Madrilenian who made the difference on the important points, with a score of +2,3. Ale Galan's performance is particularly striking when we observe his performance in different aspects of the game: his graph is very complete and well above average. No doubt, we had the right to great Galan in Brussels!

Ale Galan Brussels yield graph Premier Padel P2

Agustin Tapia made it through

Arturo Coello was targeted by his two opponents in this game and played a majority of balls. Despite everything, the Spaniard did not give up and showed a lot of regularity and consistency, as his performance graph shows. He has a similar score (+14,1) to that of Galan (+17,1) and much higher than Chingotto (+3,7), which is obviously explained by his bomber profile as a right-wing player. .

Arturo Coello Brussels Premier Padel P2

Coello's analysis leads to another, more terrible conclusion: Agustin Tapia dragged his team down during this final. The Mozart of Catamarca was the worst player in this final according to the statistics: a score much lower than the others (-10,6), a negative ratio of winning points/unforced errors (22 to 24) and a dramatic record on the important points (-4,5). Moreover, his performance graph is blatantly true, well below average.

Agustin Tapia Brussels yield graph Premier Padel P2

So if we obviously cannot be absolute to the point of saying that the Argentinian “cost” his team the final, it still seems fair to say that, in this disputed confrontation (6/4 – 6/7 – 6/2), he was not at the level of the meeting, which is rare enough to underline it.

Brussels Graphic Premier Padel P2
Martin Schmuda

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