This is a question that often comes up among players of padel before a game. Should we buy Head Pro or Head Pro S ?

Head provides the official balls of the World Padel Tour and many players enjoy playing and practicing with these high quality balls, used by the very best players in the world. But when it comes to making their choice, two options are available to amateurs: the Pro and the Pro S.

Everything depends mainly on altitude, temperature and humidity. Basically, if it's rather cold and wet, and you're near sea level, the Pro S will allow you to play a bit faster in those slow conditions.

On the contrary, if it is very hot, dry and you are in an altitude place, then it will be better to turn to the Pro, which will prevent the meeting from turning into a festival of winning smashes.

For all the intermediate situations, it will be up to you if you want to add the speed or not. Often, it is the one who buys the balls who will do according to his qualities and those of the opponents. In other words, you practice a game with finesse and you face two hitters, do not take unnecessary risks and turn to the Pro! On the contrary, you are a big smasher and you are going to play a game against two metronomes, put all your chances on your side and turn to the S!

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