La nouvelle Bullpadel Hack 02, used by Paquito Navarro and Sergio Alba on the World Padel Tour should make sparks in 2021!

Shaped water drop, this very powerful racket will allow you to give maximum speed to the ball without balking on the control. Once more, Bullpadel embellishes the pala with a large number of exclusive technologies.

Bullpadel Hack 02 2021

On the faces we find the new Tricarbon, which improves the efficiency of your keystrokes. Inside the racket, the new rubber MultiEva intermediate touch and frame CarbonTube 100% carbon will give you stability and consistency when typing. The system Adaptia ensures perfect quality regardless of the speed of the ball you receive.

The frame is protected by the protector Metalshield, which will also allow you to change the balance of your racket as you wish thanks to the system Customweight. We also find the Hesacore grip, which ensures a good grip and a reduction of vibrations.

For this new year, the brand has also bet on a different aesthetic, which highlights the carbon. In summary, we are dealing with a top quality model that makes the heyday of the current world number 3, Paquito Navarro !

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