While the World Padel Tour come back in a few weeks Bullpadel has decided to formalize the launch of its new textile collection for this new edition.

Partner of the circuit since 2016, the Spanish equipment manufacturer is a major player in the padel.

The Iberian brand begins the season with a new textile collection that has been renewed and thought out down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of the best players in the world.

This new range of clothing is always equipped with the most advanced technologies, whether for t-shirts and polo shirts created with technology drynamic or for shorts and skirts made with Quickerdry.


It is a polyester microfilament fabric that promotes high performance in the performance of the most demanding sports activities.

This new collection starts with the shorts RIOPALE, T-shirt RAPOLAN and the skirt REDUENA.
They are all equipped with technology Quickerdry, which helps to reduce humidity and facilitate the evacuation of perspiration.

Quickdry bullpadel


The vast majority of this new textile line incorporates technology drynamic in his clothes.
It is a polyester microfilament fabric with spandex. The incorporation of this type of fiber helps promote freedom of movement.
The new polo shirts with a bolder and more impactful design have been created to facilitate high performance sport. The same goes for the new men's jerseys, designed for players looking for a technical kit with a spectacular finish.

In the new textile line for women, the t-shirt REVENGA has been created. It is a printed piece with straps, which adapts comfortably to the silhouette of all our players. The incorporation of technology drynamic helps reduce humidity and perspiration.


Hydrophobic and breathable, the fabric Drylum retains little liquid and dries quickly. The new women's game jerseys contain this technology.

Le RUFRAN has an inner top and is made of high quality nylon fabric blended with spandex. RAVOLTA is the perfect shirt for players who want to improve their figure. It is a fitted model, with contrasting cuts on the sides, decorated with the line graphic, and has a piece of mesh inside to favor ventilation and improve your comfort during the game.

Les jupes RESOBA have an inner mesh that provides comfort. It is made of high quality nylon fabric mixed with spandex. Technology Drylum prevents water retention and helps fabrics dry faster.

Urban artist Bullpadel presents a new line of sweatshirts, jackets, socks and caps for everyone.
Sweatshirts are perfect to complete your kit. They are made of elastic polyester Interlock with finishing Double-sided Termalflex, soft to the touch, resistant, very breathable and with thermal retention. They adapt to your body to give you greater mobility on the track.

If you like these products and you are a big fan of the brand, you can complete your outfit with the new brand shoes.

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