After recently giving us its new Vertex, Flow and Hack 2022, Bullpadel now formalizes the release of the new Ionic Power and Ionic Control.

Ionic Power


Bullpadel Ionic Power 2022

The Ionic Power is the pala that Alex Arroyo will use this season. A pala in the shape of a diamond but which remains manageable thanks to its median balance. Thanks to its MultiEva foam and its mixture of fiberglass and carbon on the sides, it will guarantee you optimal efficiency in all situations.

In summary, we are dealing with an attack pala for intermediate or advanced level players who are looking for a clever mix of power, control, ball output and comfort. It is equipped with the new XForce technology but also with a resistant 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube frame.

Ionic Control

Bullpadel Ionic Control 2022

This is the round version of the XForce Power. Thanks to its lower balance, it will give maximum control to intermediate and advanced players who are looking for maneuverability first. It has the same technologies as the Power, namely the MultiEva foam, the fiberglass/carbon fiber mix on the sides and the 100% carbon fiber CarbonTube frame. In the end, it is a pala rather for the right player who is looking for a versatile and comfortable model.

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