This is a Bullpadel New Vertex 04 Comfort that world number 5 Martin Di Nenno will wear this week in Chile.

Indeed, the Argentinian's pala is the official racket of the Santiago P1. As you can see in the photo, it pays homage to the colors and the Chilean flag, with this magnificent blue and this superb white star. We also find the tournament registration and a superb Hesacore grip.

For those who don't know, the Vertex 04 Comfort is a diamond-shaped racket which is characterized in particular by its Fibrix faces, a mixture of fiberglass and carbon, for greater ball release. The 2024 version also integrates two innovative concepts into its framework: the CURVAKTIV system and AIR POWER.


This system features a twisted structure that provides additional resistance to twisting. There is a smaller section than the frame of the old Vertex 03, which increases rigidity and durability. In addition, this section widens throughout its length, allowing more uniform transmission of vibrations throughout the racket.


A natural evolution of the Air React Channel system, AIR POWER is a channel created through a hollow piece on the underside of the racket. This hollow part is more efficient than a solid part because, being made of less material, it is less subject to deformation, resulting in an even stronger and more durable structure.

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