Diagnostic positive for Covid-19 A little over a week ago, Lucas Bergamini will not be able to play the Valladolid Master, his usual partner Lucas Campagnolo will therefore play with Alvaro Cepero.

Absent from the Marbella Master, “the Lucas” are still not going to play together at Valladolid Master. Still recovering, Lucas Bergamini must once again make the deadlock. This time, his partner Campagnolo was able to organize himself more in advance and it is with Alvaro Cepero that the Brazilian will share the track in the north-west of Spain.

After beating his former teammate Mieres (and his new partner Piñeiro) in Marbella, with Aday Santana, Cepero did not miss the opportunity to share the track with a higher ranked player!

We should find the 100% Brazilian pair in the next tournament, which will take place in Valencia!

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