In spring 2022, a small club with two poorly oriented semi-covered slopes and a virtual club house opened in Saleilles, near Perpignan. You had to be damn optimistic to believe it.

Two years later, Dog Padel has established itself as a key player in the hyper-competitive environment of padel Catalan.

Richard VENDRELL, its emblematic Chairman and Managing Director, explains to us how and why.


“Can Padel, it is a bit of an extension of an associative journey which was beginning to stagnate.

President of Tennis Padel Club Saleillenc between 2012 and 2020, I set up a first municipal track in 2016, followed by a second in 2018. The enthusiasm was such that the number of licensees tripled over this period. After eight years of voluntary investment, I wanted to take the private train and embark on the adventure of creating a sports complex.

Between 2020 and 2021, despite the success of padel in Saleilles and more generally in the Pyrénées-Orientales, there was not yet the explosion in the number of practitioners that we are currently experiencing.

In terms of budget, the project was a gamble, and I can never thank my banker, Vincent, enough for believing in it as much as I did.

What clicked after a complicated first few months? The opening of the club house in October 2022, coupled with the connection of the beer tap to the electrical outlet.”

the balance sheet

“As of June 1, 2024, Can Padel lists almost 200 FFT licensees and nearly 3000 people have downloaded the Can application Padel (Sports Management).

Every weekend, official tournaments are full. Half-day, full-day or evening packages, from P25 to P500, then multiplied throughout the department, to the great pleasure of competitors.

Tournaments with measured entry fees, from €15 to €22, which are very successful, also because they respect the regulations and the players.

Since the start of the season, more than 80 tournaments have been organized under the direction of Viridiana Popovitch (JAP1) and Christophe Botella (JAP2), two of the most rigorous and competent referees in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

JAPs who also know how to adapt to the demands of companies, associations or communities to organize leisure Americano tournaments punctuated by tapas or pizza tastings.

If we add to this table the presence of Stéphane Cuny and Thomas Vendrell behind the bar, the little hands Enca and Marie for the restoration and maintenance, and those of Alexandre Vendrell (already 1300th, best ranking of the club) and Étienne Régnier as an independent quality reference teacher (ex-top 100), we can say that Can Padel knew how to maximize its full potential.”


“In the medium term, Can Padel will perhaps expand with the construction of at least two additional slopes in the South Roussillon housing estate of Saleilles.

A Can site Padel 2 which, I hope, should see the light of day in 2025, with an identical philosophy: a family club, close to its players, combining leisure practice (beers) and competition (points).

Other projects and surprises are also in preparation. We will say a little more during the second semester, but know that we are counting on you!”

Dog Padel 2 impasse du Conflent 66280 Saleilles

Track reservations, information and tournament registrations directly on the Can app Padel, available on the App Store and Play Store.

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