Finally, all the pairs that were announced to you on Padel Magazine these last few days will see the light of day. Indeed, after Yanguas / Stupaczuk, Gonzalez / Alonso and Ruiz / Garrido, another new duo is registered for Finland P2: Navarro / Cardona!

The pair “100% Bullpadel” formed by the already legendary Paquito and the young left-hander Pablo Cardona is therefore official. The Sevillian will be able to bring all his experience to the young 1m90 player, who impresses with his power and his ability to finish points quickly, but who must erase some flaws to be able to get closer to the highest level. In any case, we can't wait to see what level this association will evolve to!

As you will see in the photo below, Finland P2 promises to be exciting, with many new pairs (and it may not be over since you can register until Friday 17:00 p.m.!)

In your opinion, which of the new pairs registered for this Finnish P2 is best equipped to come away with the title?

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