Victorious in their first round at FIP Gold Perpignan against the Lucky Losers Julien Seurin and Lilian Fouré, Albert Carmona and Alberto Sese are at the microphone of Padel Magazine.

Already four consecutive victories!

Albert Carmona: “We are very happy to be here in Perpignan, we are having a lot of fun, the central track is incredible. And during the previas, we were really treated very well at the Club de Mas.”

Alberto Sese: “We come from the previas and the objective was to win as many matches as possible. At the moment we already have four victories, and on Friday we will do everything to win!”

Take advantage of the conditions and facilities

AC: “This is my first year on the circuit. It's very complicated because the level is very high, but in the end it's fun because we all get to know each other, and we play against friends!”

AS: “We haven't set a goal with Albert but what we want is to climb the rankings, win as many matches as possible, and we'll see little by little. We will try to play as many tournaments as possible. On the FIP tournaments we are always very well treated, and as Albert says, we really take advantage of the circuit, the facilities.”

A C: “Usually we play in clubs. To be here, in the heart of the city, on a central track specially created for the occasion, is incredible! We will come for the FIP Rise of Canet-en-Roussillon!”

Find the interview in its entirety (in Spanish) just below:

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