The team of Padel Magazine pays tribute to Manel Vidal Camps, a enthusiast of our sport, who recently died of cancer.

Manel was born in Barcelona. An only child, he had a very happy childhood. He enjoyed his youth a lot, had many friends and played a lot of tennis at the Club de la Salut. Even when he had to do his military service, he explained that it was one of the best years of his life. Manel has played tennis and tennis all his life. padel, he was very competitive and never liked to lose. He spent a good period of his life living in Maresme, in Cabrils, and taught many people to play tennis there.

Then he went to San Cugat, where he also made many friends at the Valldoreix Tennis Club, where he also played dominoes. Thanks to padel, he made many friends, like Claude Baigts from the AECP. His son Max also represented Valldoreix in AECP competitions, in Toulouse, Valence, Dakhla and Malaga. It was also there that he met his friend Franck Binisti from Padel Magazine. Together, they had a great time, as Manel always said.

Manel was very open, very sociable, had a sense of humor and many friends. He was also very stubborn and had many quirks; you could say he was peculiar, but that was his charm and everyone loved him for his peculiarities.

Manel was a very good father to Max. He has always passed on to his son the culture of sport and competition, gave him a good education and took him to travel all over the world. Josep Manel was passionate about gastronomy, he was hardworking and proud of his work at BNP Paribas. Then, he had several jobs as an accountant: at Don Pepone, at MercaMotor… Furthermore, he began to get involved in the padel over 25 years ago, installing one of the first tracks in padel of Catalonia at the Cabrils Tennis Club and has also built numerous courts in France with Technopadel.

He loved music. He played the piano by ear and did it extremely well. Max had brought him his piano at the residence, where he had lived since he was ill, and lately, he liked the Beatles, John Lennon, the songs from the film “The Chorists”…

The whole team of Padel Magazine deplores the loss of this endearing character and wishes courage to his family in the ordeal they are going through.

Team Padel May

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