Cartri recently released his Premium line for 2021 : 4 top level palas. Today we present to you the Maximum Kevlar Shield, inspired by Formula 1.

As usual, Cartri offers us top quality palas, handcrafted in Spain. This Maximum Kevlar Shield is in line with the Volcano 2 and Triumph omega, which we presented to you previously, namely a very high-end racket.

Maximum Kevlar Shield Cartri

Equipped with Formula 1 inspired technologies, the Maximum Kevlar Shield will give you a lot of security on all your shots, but also good power when accelerating the ball. This is notably made possible thanks to the 6K Kevlar Carbon blend in the frame and at any diffuser level. Air Flow System.

Its teardrop shape, its two layers of 3k carbon on the sides, combined with its 5-laminated Black Eva Soft foam, will bring you a clever mix of ball output, precision, comfort and power. Finishing “Rubber Grip” promises a never seen before effects shooting. With its 365g + -10, this racket, lightweight and versatile at the cutting edge of technology, will suit a maximum of players!


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