Cartri, the brand that sponsors Frenchman Jérémy Scatena, kicks off the summer with two new high quality palas: the Black Star and the Hammer CTR 520.

Cartri Black Star

Cartri presents the new Black Star, a drop-shaped racquet that impresses with its ball output. Indeed, the Black Eva Soft 22 foam, topped with two layers of fiberglass, will guarantee you flexibility and comfort. The addition of two layers of carbon fiber (one in 3k and one in 9k) on the faces will guarantee you frank and powerful strikes, as well as exceptional resistance over time.

This versatile pala will delight offensive players who don't want to skimp on comfort and ball feel!

Weight: 355 / 375g

Cartri Hammer CTR 520

With its round shape and its new, more aerodynamic mould, the Hammer is distinguished by its exceptional handling.

Inside there is a Black Eva Soft 15 foam, to offer you maximum versatility between ball output, comfort and precision. On the faces, there is a layer of fiberglass, surmounted by two layers of carbon, one 3k and one 18k. On the program a dry feel for more power, and increased strength and durability. The 3D relief will bring more edge to the balls with effect.

In the end, it is a very versatile pala for the player who wants versatility, with more control!

Weight 355/375g

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