After a complicated periode, Home Padel reinforces its positioning as one ”of the references de sports centerf of Padel
et place to live en Île-de-France".

Le 2st group center will open the 1er 2022 quarter au Robinson Park the city d'Asnières-Public chat-Its.

Cso Padel Two : un place of life polyvaslow and open to all ! 

Ce projet de longue breath is le fruit d'a narrow collaboration between les teams de la mairie d'Asnieres-Public chat-Its et de Home Padel ; un parts price resolutely Green with la biodiversity et l'eco-responsabilityorthe as leitmotiv.

Ci-dessous, forward-first we offer you a pwas a glimpse of the future center doutside (andmulation 3D).

Home Padel Back: a club of padel, but not only !

This place of vie integratea a school of Padel with 6 yardts (4 covered courts 1 short central open and 1 central court covered), un Proshop in partnership with the Wilson brand, un Beauty & Wellness Centre endowed with'un ris atrant labelread, un espace Bien-beingInn space Padel Fit et Fitness, mais also green spacess and educational, as well as'un club dedicated to companies.

These multiple activities within'the same place ferhave the charm and thefriendliness of this future address, installede au heart of the cityle d'Asnieres-Public chat-Its.
You will have'occasion discoverylater on the innovations but also developments centers and projects of group.

For more information: communication @ casapadel. Fr

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