Interview of Cédric Carité, a benchmark for training in France and founder of one of the main padel training organizations "PADEL TENNIS ACADEMY".

He talks about his experience and his teacher training in France.

  • Padel Tennis Academy, feet on the floor at the start of the year?

The last training 2019 ended on December 30 in the winter of Pau.

The first 2020 training has just ended on January 24 in the summer of Reunion with the 3rd session on the island since 2018 which demonstrates a real development of padel in the Indian Ocean.

This time, it is the magnificent “Bourbon Olympique Tennis Club”, flagship place of tennis in Réunion, which hosted 5 intense days of training.

  • Where is the padel with our friends from Reunion?

Each year since 2017 sees the birth of a new club. Mika Grenier launched the sport there and the enthusiasm cannot be denied. Of course, there is a lack of land, but the projects are gradually mounting as here at the BOTC, and there is no doubt that padel is making its way on the island.

As for the level of play, the best players can easily compete with the top 100 in mainland France. Unfortunately, they lack more varied tournaments and players to improve the gaming experience.

We had a rare phenomenon with the formation of 3 cyclones at the same time on Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion. But luckily, the island was little affected and especially without serious consequences.

The BOTC being located to the north, we were able to work serenely by juggling with some rain anyway. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my interns, who are very motivated! As they were also already specialist players, we were able to really progress in education.

  • Is it important to be a “specialist” player to teach?

Obviously! Tennis teachers do not present themselves for a diploma until they have learned to play and trained to teach, right?

The same logic applies to padel which is very different from tennis. How do you teach something you don't master?

And how can you be credible after only 2 or 3 days of training, all the more if you are “trained” by a non-specialist player with no experience in padel teaching?

Because even if my 5-day training is recognized as the best in France, it is just enough for a tennis DE discovering padel to begin to initiate a player.

This is also why we see clubs and customers prefer specialists, even without an official diploma, rather than tennis teachers who are certainly qualified but who are starting padel.

  • 8th French player in June 2019, why do we see you less and less on the national circuit?

I love to play, and still feel able to 47 years old, to keep the sugared almond high.

For French competitions, there are several reasons for my stop since June 2019: firstly, I have run out of time with all the training that I lead; then, until then, I had to deal with foot pain; finally, reasons related to sports management and organization when you arrive in the elite that I will not comment on but that do not help motivation.

So I preferred to play abroad and accompany the French padel opens and the intercontinental padel cup in public places.

Major events for the promotion of padel to the general public and which create a very important emulation. The 4 dates of 2020 will no doubt be a complete success.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.